Enrico Cerea


Enrico Cerea

It’s difficult to find a cooking style that is the result of a work team like the one distinguishing Da Vittorio in Brusaporto, near Bergamo, one of the 7 Italian restaurants capable of 3 Michelin stars. With equal dignity, and an equitable distribution of tasks, it’s the two brothers Cerea, Chicco (East Lombardyambassador since 2016) and Bobo and brother in law Paolo Rota working hard together. That said, it is true that the one who “shows his face” when assuming the major responsibilities is always Chicco, he who largely set the guidelines that have inspired and still inspire a kitchen style that we can briefly define of refined opulence (changing the order of the factor the product doesn’t change).

The family brand has been accompanying Vittorio restaurant since its birth, which took place in the city center in the mid-sixties. But, can one be, and continue to be, opulent and refined at the same time? Aren’t the two features contradicting one another? If we judged the way avant-garde cuisine has evolved, most of the times characterized by many small things with great taste but with raw material relegated to an evocative role, the answer would seem obvious. But Vittorio is just the exception, and it represents the quintessence of Italian style. Substance always prevails over the form, even though the ability to work finely on the second aspect is a fact: it is with this background that innovations are introduced after having carefully weighed them, always favoring the perfect execution of a classic dish, repeated in different solutions, rather than with useless special effects. This is why, faced with the ability to successfully come to terms with technical virtuosities, the same remain deliberately obscured in the presence of a solid traditional matrix.

Consequences of this approach are the recipes that have been developed in recent years, including those which actualize the vocation for the sea(see especially raw fishes), that has always been marking a menu that, thanks to the same team work mentioned above, has gradually expanded and completed to the point to involve pastry art, one of Vittorio’s strongest weapon (in this case Chicco Cerea’s inspirations are translated into practice by Simone Finazzi, another brother in law). A great team effort that marks one of the biggest – at every level, also considering the recognized excellencies of catering by Vittorio – welcoming places and brightest gastronomic hospitality spot in Italy.