Gianluca Fusto


Gianluca Fusto

His logo hides the secret of his pastry-art: that envelopment of rounded lines and straight cadences blending into each other under the warm sign of brown, the color of chocolate. Fusto frames so: good-natured, playful, pleasure-seeking, but at the same time scientific, thoughtful, hyper-technical. But especially deeply in love with cocoa, his fetish ingredient, whom he tends to behind the scenes, changing his costumes for the turning of the show.

Born in Milan a little more than 30 years ago, after Carlo Porta hotel management school, he knocked on the door of Aimo Moroni, his spiritual father and partner in a never-stopped exchange, that came today to maison via Montecuccoli’s dessert menus. Therefore, a pastry chef with a chef pedigree, a sensitivity for great ingredients and a tasty and unsettling imagination. Then came Henry Parassina , Yan Duytsche and Frédéric Bau ’s great school of Valrhona to complete his vocational-technical background: in Tain l’Hermitage he also worked extensively in the role of the only foreign professor, deepening the knowledge of ergonomic taste and contracting, side by side with chemists, physicists and engineers, an esoteric vocabulary speaking of rheology and chromatology. Plus, a library consisting of over 400 volumes and suggestions collected while traveling all around the world, along the road of spices, art and cocoa.

In this way, his desserts can casually mention the four elements of pre-Socratic age or the latest experiments of contemporary art. Today, his creativity finds the best megaphone in the firm Gianluca Fusto Consulting, which offers tailor-made courses and consultancies all around the world, from Paris to Dubai. It’s an essential agit prop, speaking of desserts that are more and more simple, often basted on a triad of factors, tastes tending to maximum brightness and purified forms to disrupt the inertia of cliché.