Luca De Santi


Luca De Santi

After his diploma at the Institute for Hotel Management and Food Services in Recoaro Terme (VI), Luca worked for Cipriani in Venezia and the Lapa Palace in Lisbona, both experiences forming a foundation for classical cooking in Grand Hotels, until he landed in Gualtiero Marchesi’s “court” and began his career in prestigious food service.  He is enchanted by the beauty of a dessert on a plate, a feeling that will make the head pastry chef of him in the Enoteca Pinchiorri (3 Michelin stars) in Firenze.

After five years in Firenze, Luca returned to the pastry laboratory and began a new adventure at Peck in Milan.  He flanked the Al Mercato group in Milan and then became Cesare Battisti’s top assistant for a number of years.  He is presently doing consulting and training.

Identità Golose elected him the Pastry Chef of the year in 2015.  The Gambero Rosso Guide included him in the list of the Best Italian Pastry Chefs in 2017.