Roberto Lo Russo


Roberto Lo Russo

Who am I? I am a lover of tales, the magic they create, and their becoming real even before they are poured into a glass. Essentially, wine tasting is the highest form of praise for the work and the dreams that occur emotionally in the presence of a glass of wine.

In order for me to better understand the tale belonging to each wine and to be able to make it known, I studied a lot and I continue to study. There is a world to be discovered in every bottle of wine that is opened.

After having finished the established third level for obtaining a Sommelier Fisar diploma (Federazione Italiana Sommelier, Albergatori e Ristoratori), the pleasure of sharing what I had learned lead me to become a Director of the Sommelier Course, and, therefore, the organizer of courses for aspiring Sommelier Fisar. In the end, I became a certified trainer of those courses.

In the meantime, to widen my knowledge and approach to the world of wine from another point of view, I earned the Third Level Wset (Wine and Spirit Education Trust), the most important worldwide organization in the field. Once you have reached a goal, however, you can always set a bigger goal. And so here I am presently involved as a student of Diploma Wset, in a study program that will take me to the highest existing level of preparation.

Sommelier Fisar ( Federazione Italiana Sommelier, Albergatori e Ristoratori – Italian Federation of Sommelier, Hotel Managers, and Restaurant owners)

Course Director for aspiring Sommelier

Fisar Lecturer

Wset III level

Wset Diploma student