Customized courses

Tagliati su misura

We create personalized courses for individual groups in a modern environment with the most innovative equipment and in compliance with health and security measures.

Our cooking courses take place in a well-equipped laboratory having eight single workstations serviced with advanced technology.  Students can therefore actively participate in all phases of preparation.

In order to respect social distancing, the course allows for eight participants to directly cook in our kitchen.  Other participants, who prefer to follow cooking activity comfortably from their own homes, can contemporaneously follow the course in streaming.


“BEYOND” for a cooking school able to overcome circumstantial barriers and promote a no-limits experience.

Thanks to our internal direction system and a digital platform dedicated to interaction, we can organize in presence laboratory courses – with independent and equipped workstations. At the same time, convenient on-line participation in the pleasure of your own kitchen, either alone or with others, is possible.  A dedicated chef will demonstrate all of the passages for following the recipe and a personal assistant will answer every question in real time, plus coordinate your interaction with the chef and the others.

A special event calls for an exclusive course with friends near and far.  You will have the choice of a personalized menu and project.  Just make the request and we will organize.