Team building

Creating a team

The kitchen can be a place where working as a team begins and then continues on the job as a method for achieving your objective.

Our Cooking Team Building courses have this as their mission – the scheme is not the same for everyone, but using your objective as a starting point, a “customized course” is developed specifically for you.

We can arrange for a light and recreational evening where your guests will simply have a good time cooking, guided by our teachers, and then dine all together. Or else, we can propose something more challenging to develop both competition along with creativity, tastes and imagination. Another possibility could be a full day in which cooking and work activities are alternated.

But we can also go "BEYOND"

With “Beyond, Cooking Team Building”, the digital experience makes walls disappear and offers a kitchen without boundaries.

Thanks to our direction system integrated with an interactive digital platform, we can arrange for your colleagues and far away friends to cook together with you, sharing all of the passages in the kitchen experience and interacting in real time.

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