Our social Commitment

Our activities

Arte del Convivio has distinguished itself from its beginning in 1999 for also having chosen to dedicate training to more fragile and disadvantaged individuals as its mission.

More recently, we have developed and realized different basic training courses for qualifying bakery and pastry shop, delicatessen and bistro employees in collaboration with the Fondazione Eris.  These courses have included young and not-so-young people who, after having faced the difficulties of rehabilitation, have committed themselves to training, finding a job and using this opportunity to transform their lives.

In 2018, in addition, we dedicated a baking and pastry training course for 12 immigrants with the help of Italian, English and French teachers.  The two-month course, a very different experience from our other experiences, had excellent results.

Since we are convinced that cooking is not only a trade to learn, but also a balm and a therapy for difficult and painful experiences, we are taking, our cooking courses to the women’s section in the Bassone Prison in Como in collaboration with Cucinare al Fresco.  The women inmates, according to their tastes and their desire for learning new skills, choose the lesson contents.