Convivium Lab

Cooking laboratory

An original environment has been designed and equipped to document multiple events having food and its many variations, as it’s central theme.  This is Convivium Lab, a cooking laboratory in the heart of Milan.

A cooking school with that “extra ingredient”

Convivium Lab is an observation site and a permanent laboratory dedicated to the kitchen.  It is conceived to be an environment where chefs, photographers, producers, craftsman and communication experts all work together.

Convivium Lab is a location in Milan’s center that is equipped with advanced technology for show cooking or any other type of cooking activity.   It offers the possibility of documenting or publicizing such activity through an internal direction and video production system ideal for filmmaking.  It also has a digital platform dedicated to sharing and interacting in real time.

Facility and capacity

  • Space for events/cooking school = 100 square meters.
  • Maximum number of participants for cooking lessons with practical activity, in accordance with anticovid security measures = 8
  • Maximum number of participants for show cooking in accordance with anticovid security measures = 16

Servizi disponibili:

  • WI FI
  • Microphones
  • Audio-visual system
  • Five 40 inch Monitors
  • Reception desk