Professional courses

Study programs

Thanks to Identità Golose’s collaboration and advanced technical equipment, Arte del Convivio hosts courses and professional training in the gastronomic field.

Arte del Convivio has developed professional training programs that have different levels of difficulty and duration in collaboration with the best teachers and the most qualified specialized organizations.  Our increasingly requested and highly appreciated professional courses represent a launching point toward a profession that requires not only passion, but also a solid and serious preparation.

Identità di Formazione

Arte del Convivio, in collaboration with Identità Golose and MAGENTAbureau, is supported by Job Training Sagl’s organizational and hospitality experience.  Together they created IDENTITÀ DI FORMAZIONE, the only project in Italy that gives students the possibility to train while working next to some of the more recognized international and national chefs in a highly qualified practical laboratory experience.

IDENTITÀ DI FORMAZIONE offers the opportunity of alternating school and work to highly motivated students with a clear vocation in “food service”, in addition to a work experience in contact with “signature cooking” from all over the world.

The program has the development of the student’s skills as its goal.  Students are invited to combine their theoretical knowledge with their practical skills in order to provide effective and well-timed results for the tasks assigned (technical professional skills).

Both the laboratory activity and the activity in the restaurant aim at stimulating students to “interpret” the context in which they are working (transversal skills).  The result is a better understanding of the importance of their experience, in addition to an understanding of the basic principles of successful food service.

The training offer is aimed at students attending the 4th and 5th year in professional institutions having the qualification of “Vocational School for Tourism and Hotel Management and Catering”.  The institutions involved promote skill development, professional orientation, in-service experimentation and occupational possibilities for its students in “high quality” hotel and restaurant services.

The program that offers a school/ work experience lasts two weeks and consists in 80 hours of activity for each participant  – five eight hour turns daily for a total of 40 hours weekly.

Sixteen hours of laboratory experience at the Arte del Convivio-ConviviumLab (40%) and 24 hours of weekly service at Identità Golose Milano (60%) complete the course.

Groups are divided into two “mixed” classes, consisting of students coming from different study programs.  In fact, the course’s objective is to mix students from different specialisations – kitchen/dining room/ reception – during the laboratory experience and during service in the restaurant.