Edoardo Traverso

Edoardo was born in Genoa on September 24, 1996 and grew up in Bordighera, a small Riviera town in the Imperia province

From the time he was a small boy and someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, Edoardo replied without hesitation – a cook.  He attended the Arma di Taggia School of Hotel Management and Food Services and participated in the work/study projects.  This allowed him the possibility of different experiences in Italy and abroad, the most particular in London.  When he finished school, he went back to London, something decisive for his future. He met Andrea Ribaldone on his return to Italy.  Under Andrea’s guidance, Edoardo worked in Emilia Romagna, in Piemonte at the La Morra restaurant and then landed a job at Identità Golose in Milan.  Ribaldone became an important reference person for Edoardo as someone who had introduced him into the gastronomical world, allowing him to mature in the midst of important chefs.  After having been the sous chef for Simone Maurelli, resident chef at Identità Golose in Milan, Edoardo became head of the brigade in Via Romagnosi 3 where Andrea Ribaldone continued to be supervisor.