Lola Torres


Lola Torres

Born and raised in Milan, Lola came to know and practice cooking in Tuscany, first in the Chianti and then in the Mugello area where she shared the ownership of “La Bottega dei Gaudenti”, and specialized in “arte bianca” (ndt. all that is involved in bread, pizza and pastry production, translated literally – “white art”) and pralines.

She began collaborating with Arte del Convivio in 2009 as a teacher in recreational courses on pastry, bread and fresh pasta.  She was an instructor in the lessons dedicated to Chocolate in the Professional Pastry courses from 2014 to 2017.

She is presently the course coordinator and an instructor in training courses designed for persons who are socially disadvantaged.

Her love for chocolate brought to life Cioccolatini Emotivici (chocolates related to specific moods or emotions)  – a delicious and ever-growing family of small chocolate delights.