Chiara Guenzi

Chiara has two great passions – Travel and Food.  She began her career as an airline hostess and travelled around the world tasting the most authentic cooking possible.  Cuba offered the discovery of cumin; Bangkok offered lemongrass; Australia offered green ant marinade; and Singapore, Nyonya cooking.  When her passion for cooking got the best of her, she returned to school to get a diploma from the Ashburton Chef Academy, made her home in Singapore and there became a cooking instructor and private chef.  Then her roaming brought her back to Italy, where she explores the countryside around her and its many farm products, teaches cooking classes and does culinary consulting.  Her portfolio is vast and diversified, from TV programs with BBC Food, to the Food Truck distribution start-up, “The Farm on Four Wheels”, and the cooking start-up, “Leonardo’s Vineyard”.  She has collaborated with Arte del Convivio and Identità Golose, developed a food education program for ENAIP (Ente Nazionale Acli Istruzione Professionale – National Christian Agency for Professional Training) in the Lombardy region, done professional training in juvenile correctional facilities, and also as a Private Chef for events with a personalized menu.  The food experience is a trip that goes way beyond the taste buds for her!  Chiara Guenzi is a Food Instructor with long-time experience in cooking courses, team building and as a private chef both in Italy and abroad.  She works with farms in the Lombardy plains area in promoting and valorising typical local farm products.

Chiara is a certified Chef at the CTH level 2 (Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality) of the Ashburton Chefs Academy, and Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (UK).